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Singer/songwriter Kym Trippsmith, the notorious Amazon Queen, cut her first demo tape at San Francisco’s famed Secret Studios with the help of veteran rocker David Kaffinetti (a.k.a. Viv Savage from Spinal Tap). “There was something so pure about her style, I just had to get it on tape” reminisced Kaffinetti. Born in Great Britain, Ms. Trippsmith began singing and playing guitar at the age of 13 with her sister Gale Trippsmith in Florida and has performed with all kinds of bands and as a solo act for more than 3 decades.

In 1984, Kym relocated to the Bay Area and switched gears garnering acclaim for her experimental theater work including performance with such fringe elements as THE BLAKE STREET HAWKEYES, MIXED BAG PRODUCTIONS and ANTENNA THEATER. Always the prolific song writer, Kym returned to her musical roots forming an acoustic duet team called SMITH & WATSON, followed by a series of bands that played everything from alternative rock to reggae.

In 1990, she embarked upon a solo career, singing her own songs filled with unvarnished truths and powerful emotions. Backed by studio professionals, and produced by David Kaffinetti, Kym released her first album, TERMINAL BEAUTY in 1991.

In February of 1992. Kym teamed up with violin virtuoso Cat Taylor to form AMAZON QUEEN. From 1992 to the birth of Kym’s daughter in 1998, Amazon Queen performed all over the greater West Coast intriguing audiences with their wild style and multi-layered musical brilliance. Amazon Queens’’s six musicians struck a strong balance, exploring each other’s limits, pushing the creative envelope as they juggled cultural styles, thought provoking lyrics, soul inspiring harmonies, and an electric violin that defied gravity all the way to the dance floor. Their first CD, HAPPILY EVER AFTER, featured Kym’s unusual songwriting and powerhouse vocals with the sonic liquid sound of electric violin and funky driving beats.

Now the mother of two, Kym has returned to her roots as a solo artist (as Mamazon for many years and more recently just going by her own true name, Kym Trippsmith). Singing folk ballads filled with fearless lyrics, political satire, unvarnished truths, family honesty and sly humor, Kym songs have the unique ability to communicate a variety of social issues with upbeat humor and genuine spirit. Kym sings life’s stories alive; she isn’t afraid. She lives inside her music and that vulnerability draws the audience in.  And well, her rich booming voice and expressive guitar playing makes her a favorite all over the West Coast.

Trippsmith is still hard at work on a new CD, “Mama’s Always On” which should be ready for release sometime in late 2006. Most recently, she’s been hosting a fabulous singers-in-the-round collective called the Feisty Females—performing some amazing concerts at a variety of venue—from coffee houses to festivals and benefits, to her own personal favorite, Harbin Hot Springs. “Getting to know all of these wonderful women and their amazing songs has been one of the most nourishing things I’ve ever done in my life,” quips Trippsmith. “The trick is to make sure that each concert has a very diverse range of styles. That way, the show is incredibly unpredictable, and that spontaneity is simply infectious,”

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